I love learning and I feel I can learn a lot about riding from you.

I really think you need to be commended for all the courage and
determination you have displayed these past four weeks! Thank you
very much! I feel comfortable with you riding him. (I am very picky
about anyone riding my horses or handling them because they are so
special to me).
I love learning and I feel I can learn a lot about riding from you.
I wish you could have ridden this morning – it was so gorgeous outside!
i’m still on cloud nine… i was so excited about how well he went.
I have felt comfortable with him being at your place and I know if he was
in other places I was thinking about I would have been worried about
him getting out enough and being a horse. I am truly amazed at how you
have not given up or backed down. So, thank you for everything. You
have made tremendous success in a short time span.
I feel very lucky to have found you and agree with everything you are
Fabulous ride! Extremely motivating, confidence building and
uplifting — and a blast! Couldn’t ask for more from a ride.
Training Notes
Biggs Mountain Equestrian
I’m excited about becoming more in tune to what my weight is doing on
those seat bones! I think one of the things that delighted me the most in
our first lesson was discovering how well Belle responds to the use of
the seat.

2007 USDF Region 4 Regional Championships
Reserve Champion 4th Level Musical Freestyle with
Safari (pictured) and Third Place 4th Level Musical
Freestyle with Supernova