Biggs Mountain Equestrian

The horses at Biggs Mountain are considered family. As a
result, they are the most calm, most confident, most content
horses anywhere. They are secure in their feeding and turnout,
as it’s reliable and on schedule. Each horse is
handled with the utmost of care and concern. They share
the great outdoors with the local wild turkey, deer,
squirrels, and other wildlife. If a horse arrives here nervous or
not confident, a noticeable change occurs in the horse’s
personality within days after staying here.

Amenities include:

A very quiet, private setting located conveniently in west
county…right around the corner from Castlewood State
Park, but also close to all area restaurants, convenience
stores, theaters, malls, suburban homes, etc..

A lighted, larger than full-size arena, with automatic
watering system and premier footing

Over-sized stalls with two large windows in each stall
within a beautiful custom barn with fly spray system

The 2-acre pasture features slightly hilly terrain for
maximum muscle development and plenty of room to
gallop and roll; includes run-in shed for shelter from sun
and rain; automatic waterer for fresh, clean water

Three additional large turnout paddocks

60 foot covered oversized roundpen (small arena) is excellent
for starting young horses, retraining horses and teaching upper
level dressage movements. The arena, with its high sidewalls
and excellent footing provides a controlled environment for the
horse to work in

Boarding and Training
Long-term or short-term boarding is offered to horses and
riders in training on a limited basis. Please call for more